Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle is a castle in Himeji, Japan, and the largest fortress complex in the nation. Built in 1333, and rebuilt to it's current state in 1609, the castle is the largest in Japan, and an intese effective defense building. The comples was never conqured because it was never invaded in the first place. It's greates foe was technological development. As cannons and artillery became common, all of the old japanese castle lost their defensive value. Himeji Castle was nearly domlished many times, and nearly burnt down during World War II, but it survived as one of the last examples of old japanese castle architecture. Even earthquakes didn't bring down the structure, during earthquakes the Himeji is barely touched! Today, its on UNESCO's world heritage list and is one of the largest tourist attractions in Japan. But is the castle that lucky the next time it's abandoned?

50 Years after People: Himeji Castle rises tall and proud over Himeji as before. The roof leads rain away from the bearing planks, keeping them safe. But water always find a way inside. The wooden supports of the roof is treated with chemicals, but these toxins no longer proves any worth. The wood is now against Mother Nature herself.

'150 'Years after People: As nearly all wooden structures across the globe has rotted away, Himeji will finish the show, spectaculary. As rotten and moldy bearing planks fail, an earthquake seeking payback during it's last failed visit strikes. The weakend wood doesn't stand a chance, and the roof caves in and crashes into the structure or tumbles down the castle walls. But the stone walls stile stand tall and proud.

1000 Years after People: The stone walls of Himeji Castle has endured water, earthquakes, tropical storms and wind. Now a small, but destructive enemy lurks withing the castle walls. Plant spores has entered cracks inside the lower walls and expanded, pushing the wall apart. Out to finish whats left of its enemy, an earthquake finally brings down the castle.

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