1 month after people.Trash is all over the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood,Los Angeles.The sidewalk contains stars with names of famous movie stars,such as Tom Hanks,Johnny Depp,John Lennon,and Arnold Schwarzenegger.It sits near the Capitol Records.

10 years after people.A wildfire in the Hollywood Hills soon reaches the Walk of Fame.However,along with the Walt Disney Concert Hall,it's stainless steel keeps it hardly scorched.

50 years after people.The Big One,an earthquake measuring 8.0 or above,hits L.A.Unlike most structures,the Walk of Fame survives.

1,000 years after people.The Hollywood Walk of Fame still sits on the ground.It's one of the last standing structures still standing in Los Angeles,along with the Theme Building and Walt Disney Concert Hall.But finally,an earthquake cracks the Hollywood Walk of Fame,turning it into a fissure.The Theme Building's legs crumble,bringing down the restauraunt. The Concert Hall's center collapses.The stainless steel walls spread out.This earthquake,measuring 8.7,completly destroys L.A,and our replacements might call the fissure that replaced the Walk of Fame the "Hollywood Walk Fault".

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