Almost all of the world's population lives in houses, and half of them live in apartments as houses of the world. How long can they last after humanity has eradicated?

1 Day After People: Electric ovens create sparks, causing house-fires

1 Month After People: Animals such bobcats and wolves start invading the houses.

1 Year After People: Houses begin to leak and flood the interior, causing wood to be eaten away by termites and other insects.

15 Years After People: Pictures, papers, shoes, and photographs start to deteriorate and delaminate.

50 Years After People: Parts of roofs begin to fall.

75 Years After People: The Stahl House tumbles down the hills.

100 Years After People: Co-Op city buildings collapse in the flooding waters below.

150 Years After People: The houses of man collapse.

200 Years After people: Hearst Castle collapses after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake destroys it.

250 Years After People: The Burj Khalifa building collapses, causing the largest building collapse in UAE.

50 Million Years After People: Not a single trace of any houses remain, but the plastics remain for the future.

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