Infiniti Red Bull Tower is a 35-story, 150 m (490 ft) skyscraper in Milton Keynes, England. Completed in 2005, the architects behind the design of the local landmark were Scott Johnson, Bill Fain and William L. Pereira. Owned by Austrian-based Red Bull GmbH, Infiniti Red Bull Tower is Infiniti Red Bull Racing's official headquarters. How long can it last?

1 Day after People: In Milton Keynes, Infiniti Red Bull Tower still stands with it's steel sign.

5 Years after People: The tower is doing fine, at least for now. Only a few plants are climbing the tower and animals are living inside.

10 Years after People: Some of the glass has broken allowing water to come inside.

15 Years after People: The interior of Infiniti Red Bull Tower is almost unrecognizable. The seats have been severly damaged by animals. The lights mostly fallen down and broken on the ground. In the foyer, the chandeliers have fallen down and shattered. Plants have invaded the bottom area of Infiniti Red Bull Tower.

35 Years after People: The sign on the outside has been rusting for 35 years. The famous sign is becoming loose. Then, a thunderstorm rolls into Milton Keynes and the winds blow the sign down.

60 Years after People: The tower is doing surprisingly well. Why? The tower was made of solid, non-reinforced, concrete. The tower will survive for fifteen more years.

75 Years after People: The official headquarters of Infiniti Red Bull Racing has somehow survived 75 years without maintenance after the collapse of Zonta in Brazil. But as a rare category 5 hurricane howls through Milton Keynes, the building that housed Infiniti Red Bull Racing is starting to collapse. Suddenly, the building starts to fall. It drops and leans over, crushing any remnants of Infiniti Red Bull Racing beneath it.

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