The Intrepid is an old aircraft carrier that now functions as a museum carrying several mementos of air and sea travel,including a Concorde, a submarine, and a Space Shuttle. It has survived a torpedo,multiple kamikaze attacks, and plans to be scrapped. Will it survive being abandoned?

10 years after people: Due to the four walkways and at least seven other extensions, the Intrepid is still docked, unlike other ships in New York Harbor. However, airplanes on it have suffered minor damage. Her runways have also been discolored.

20 years after people: A few small airplanes and helicopters are knocked off, due to them not being very aerodynamic. The space shuttle's tarp has been shredded, but the Concorde remains, due to being light and aerodynamic. The force of all the airplanes falling has broken the hull slightly, but the ship has not sunk.

30 years after people: A tower on land hits the stern. Although the Intrepid has fared far worse, the list is enough to detach the Intrepid. In the process, the port side is damaged as well. As the Intrepid begins to drift, the ship cannot stand the heavy Space Shuttle and the list at the same time. The ship sinks, and her cargo will likely penetrate floors of the ship. The Concorde and USS Growler are still surviving , however.

50 years after people: The Concorde, now a heap of rusty metal, blows of in a storm. The Growler, now exposed to water under the pier, is torn off. It is not totally destroyed, due its submarine properties.

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