Jin Mao tower 1 day after people

The Jin Mao Tower is a 88 Story building in China's city of Shanghai and is the 18th tallest building in the world.

In a life after people, how long before this building collapses under it's own weight.

1 Day after people: The Lights go out as China's power fails.

75 years after peoples: wall are corroded even with the granit, due to damages caused by a small earthquake of 5.5, the spire collapse.

175 Years after people: The Jin Mao Tower still stands above China's largest city. But like the Oriental Pearl Tower the Huangpu is causing the Jin Mao tower's end to increase. Finally one of the upper floors give way, the roof falls and the Jin Mao tower's top falls Instantly. Once the rest fall the last remaining floors also collapse as the Jin Mao Tower collapses. Barely missing the Shanghai World Financial Center

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