JFK Airport Before we vanish

The John F. Kennedy International Airport was one of the busiest airports in the world and served over 50 airlines from all over the world. JFK was one of the biggest airports in the world, but how long will it last in a life after people?

2 days after people: JFK goes dark as the power fails. The once busy airport sits empty for the rest of time.

1 month after people: In Terminal 3, pigeons, who lived there in the time of people, are thriving. Even in the time of humans,Terminal 3 was in disrepair and was to be demolished, now, it is falling into neglect faster than ever.

1 year after people: The runways are now being covered in grass and plants. Terminal 5, which is most famous for its roof, is in trouble. The two gutter spouts are now jammed with leaves and debris over the past year, causing rainwater to back up and stand on the roof, causing it to erode away.

10 years after people: Back at Terminal 3, holes in the roof have allowed water inside the building, even during the time of humans. Tarps and pipes drained the water away, but now, those tarps have fallen and water is pouring inside the building.

25 years after people: The famous control tower is falling into disrepair. Most of the glass has fallen or broken and animals live in the top now. The tower will remain standing, however, at least for now.

50 years after people: Terminal 3 is in dire straights. Due to the animals inside and water damage, the famous "Worldport" is collapsing. Finally, the portico falls taking with it the rest of the terminal.

100 years after people: At Terminal 5, the famous shells of the roof are weakening. Water and snow have caused the concrete to crack and bend. One of the shells finally gives up and brings the roof down, smashing anything left inside.

150 years after people: The control tower is giving up. Being only 13 feet above sea level, flooding was possible. Now with rising sea levels, the tower is being eroded by salt water. Suddenly, one of the supports breaks and the tower plummets onto what is left of Terminal 4.

1000 years after people: Almost nothing is left of the airport, except one thing. Under the rubble of hangars and silt of the Atlantic Ocean, lay airplane tires. Now that they are buried, these remnants could last for hundreds of thousands of years.

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