Juche Tower

Juche Tower

Juche Tower,also known as The Tower of JuChe idea, is a monument tower in Pyongyang, North Korea. It developed by Kim Il Sung, and completed in 1982. It is a 170 meter tower which was once the tallest structure in the city. Its elevator can reach the height of 150 meter to see the skyline of the city. Now, how long will it last in a life after people?

1 Day After People: Electricity fails in Pyongyang, and the tower blacks out. 

40 Years After People: The tower still stands, even most  apartment buildings are gone in Pyongyang.

100 Years After People: Hardly any nature disasters can hit the city, but because the quality on the concrete of North Korea, the tower cannot stand longer, it collapses. Juche Tower is no longer a symbol of the North Korean communist leadership.

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