The Julie Etchingham Tower is a visionary tower built in Leicester where the Leicester Tower is to be built. It would 1600 m high and would have 330 floors. It also has two towers, half the size of the main building which are joined together to keep the tower stable. The main tower also has advanced earthquakes dampers on every 30th floor. This building has lots of strengths but how long can this building last for?

1 Day after People: As the Leicester power grid fails it takes over a minute for the tower to go completely black.

2 Years after People: An earthquake hits Leicester, but the earthquake dampers keep the main tower stable though the one of the side towers suffers minor damage.

10 Years after People: Glass begins to fall out of its framework. It takes some glass over 30 seconds to finally crash to the ground.

15 Years after People: Even though the tower has lost its glass the tower still is strong.

52 Years after People: The Leicester Tower collapses but the Julie Etchingham Tower suffers no damage.

60 Years after People: The side tower which suffered damage during the earthquake finally collapses which leads to the collapse of the other side tower but even though the side towers collapse the Julie Etchingham Tower still stands.

75 Years after People: The Julie Etchingham Tower is the last building standing in Leicester. But now another earthquake hits Leicester and the earthquake dampers fail which results in a huge pancake collapse of the tower.

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