The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a hotel in Dubai.The wave-shaped building complements the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab,which is adjecent to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.The hotel occupies a location on the beach.Visitors have a total of 33,800 square meters of beach for their use.Beside the hotel is the Wild Wadi Water Park.All guests in the hotel have unlimited access to the waterpark.

50 years after people:The advanced humidity rushes degrading.But the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is farther from the corroding salt water,so it will last longer.But the Burj Al Arab,on the artificial island,isn't so lucky.It comes crashing into the water.

100 years after people:The Jumeirah Beach Hotel has been flooded by the salt water.The windows have blown out,and the rooms are covered in mold.Finally,the building collapses.

Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab nearby crashes down

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