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Kōbe Station (神戸駅 Kōbe Eki?) is a railway station located in Chūō-ku, Kobe, Japan. Although Kobe Station is the namesake of its city and the closest station to Kobe City Hall, the commercial center of Kobe is closer to Sannomiya Station.

Now here seems to be very quiet.

5 years

The station is technically the end of the Tōkaidō Main Line and the start of the Sanyō Main Line. This fact is barely discernible in current practice because only a few trains originate or terminate at Kobe; as a result the line is more commonly perceived as being in the midsection of the JR Kobe Line, an alternative name for the section of the Tokaido and Sanyo lines between Osaka and Himeji.

Now this line has been cut.

The main roof couldn't escape from rotting,it collapses.

The area to the south of the station was previously a freight yard,but now it is full of grass.

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