The KXJB-TV Mast is a television transmitting tower in Traill County, North Dakota, United States. At 2060 ft (628 m), it is the fourth-tallest artificial structure in the world, shorter by 3 ft (1 m) than the KVLY-TV mast which stands a few miles away. But how long can the KXJB-TV Mast last without people?

1 Day after People: The KXJB-TV Mast stops transmitting and brodcasting as the power fails in Traill County.

10 Years after People: Weeds are starting to climb the tower and also the Traill County Tower starts to rust. The KXJB-TV Mast stands for now.

75 Years after People: The KXJB-TV Mast still stands in Traill County, but now the structure made of white steel becomes unstable. Finally, a powerful gust of wind shakes the mast violently, then the base cracks and the KXJB-TV Mast collapses.

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