KinCaid tower before we disappear

The Kincaid tower is a 22 story building high rise in Lexington Kentucky. It use to be the largest structure in Lexington before the Lexington Financial Center surpassed it. Just like the Financial Center it has Blue windows and is polished with a buff of Concrete its "C" logo makes it famous But how long will it stand in a Lexington after people

1 day after people the Kincaid towers light go out just like the worlds Buildings

50 years after people the Kincaid towers Blue windows fall down to the roads that are now becoming the Grassy garden of Lexington

100 years after people the Kincaid towers concrete structure is corroding badly due to large storms and large amount of snow from the Kentucky winters the "C" Logo falls down damaging some of the front of the Lexington Financial center

250 years the Kincaid tower is on the verge of collapse its windows and the "C" Logo collapsed long ago now the Terraces on the 5th 10th 14th and 21st floors snap and collapse the Kincaid tower now dosent stand a chance for survival and a next storm causes it to Collapse damaging the Lexington Financial Centers side but suprisingly it still stands

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