The King Skyneedle is a fantasy skyscraper complex for Los Angeles.If built,it would be 2 times taller then the Burj Khalifa.How long can it last?

15 years:A fire burns the lounge of the main building.The Twister Tower and Crooked Towers' bottom floors are destroyed,but the complex of three still stands.

50 years:An earthquake does no damage except for a few windows that survived the fire.The building was built with 100s of earthquake insulators,only they dont rely on rubber,like the Los Angeles City Hall;they rely on foil,which survives fire.

150 years:The skybridges connecting the three buildings are weakened by the earthquake.The fire failed to reach them.But the Crooked Crossing Bridge has no supports.Rust from the Southern California rainstorms finally causes the bridge to fall 250 floors to the streets below.The supports on the Twister Travel Bridge aren't fairing any better.The weight of the bridge causes them to fall.But the builders were prepared for this.They attached cables to the bridge.But the cables snap not a minute after the supports fail,and the bridge becomes a one-way elevator.

750 years:Long after the US Bank Tower collapsed,the King Skyneedle is next.The Crooked Tower finally collapses,destroying a nearby church.The Twister Tower's basement caves in,bringing the rest of the tower with it.The main tower also collapses,destroying anything in its path.

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