Kingda Ka is an intamin launch roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. It is the tallest coaster in the world, and was once the world's fastest until Formula Rossa in Ferrari world surpassed its speed. Today, it is the fastest in America. In 2009, it was struck by lightning, causing it to close. It reopened later that year. In 2014, a new ride called Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom! was built on the coaster's tower. But how long can this giant beast last without humans to maintain it, now that they are gone?

1 day after people: The power grid in southern New Jersey fails, and the coaster goes permanently dark. The Zumanjaro cars get stuck at the top while testing, but they are safe.


Kingda Ka after 25 years. This is before the wildfire engulfs it.

25 years after people: The station of Kingda Ka is covered in greenery. The coaster's trains have even got their decorative colors chipped away. But 25 years of neglect taking its toll on that part of the coaster is not the worst part. A thunderstorm triggers a wildfire in Jacksonville. With no firefighters to race to the rescue, the fire advances on to Great Adventure, weakening the tall tower and the bump. The cables on Zumanjaro do not burn though.

100 years after people: The Zumanjaro cables finally snap and the cars are sent falling down the track, generating more then 1/2 of force on impact, ruining the tower's foundations. But tower still stands.

150 years after people: Kingda Ka makes its official final stand. Like most other coasters, to reduce the sound, the coaster's tracks use sand. Now, in a life after people, sand becomes the coaster's greatest threat. But for Kingda Ka, it is a different story. The sand is inside the supports. And after 50 years from the collapse of Zumanjaro's cars, the sand in the supports has allowed the tower to lean. As the lean increases, gravity takes over, making the tower unstable. Finally, the tower collapses like a tree in a forest. The collapse also triggers the rest of the tracks to wiggle around and collapse. Mother Nature has caused the biggest coaster collapse the planet had never seen before.

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