Kudzu covering Oglethorpe University

1 month after people: , Kudzu was imported from Japan in 1876 to use as erosion control and farm feed. It can grow up to a foot a day and has a root network that can spread 15 feet underground. Kudzu soon became an invasive species in the American South, becoming known as “The Vine That Ate the South.” It required a maintenance team of 25 people to prevent the kudzu from spreading but with no people kudzu now starts to spread freakishly outside of Atlanta. Kudzu soon envelopes roadways, bridges and rural houses. The kudzu strangles trees and other plants, creating large dead spots in the environment where there is nothing growing but the kudzu.

50 years after people: , Kudzu has now invaded Atlanta itself and is wreaking havoc on buildings like the Coca-Cola Building and the Georgia Dome. Atlanta is now in a drought and the large amount of dried kudzu blanketing the city has created a tenderbox. Soon a lightning strike ignites the kudzu and Atlanta burns. However it does not mean that kudzu does not have predators. Herbivorous animals like deer and cattle will eat kudzu so they will keep kudzu in check but not on buildings.

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