Salt Lake City's LDS Temple is one of the tallest buildings in the city. It is used for Mormons during sermons and not open to the public for Roman Catholics. How long will the church last?

There is another temple nearby. In a small, little known city of Idaho Falls, Idaho, lies another temple: the first modern single spire temple of LDS. But this has a weakness: the statue of moroni on top. This statue is cast bronze layered with solid gold.

50 years after people. In Salt Lake City, vegetation is now overgrown, making the streets look like jungle. This part of Utah is arid, but the building of irrigation canals has risen the water table, causing it to begin to turn into a dry forest. Just like the United Nations General Assembly Hall in New York City over 3000 miles away, this building's roof can no longer take the winters. It collapses.

In Idaho Falls, most of the buildings surrounding the temple are made of brick and mortar. These are beginning to be collapsed by plant life.

75 years after people. The LDS Temple and a large church have been built by the rapid-flowing snake river, which is beginning to erode. Now, the gardens are precariously on the flowing river, which has sunk 15 feet in 75 years.

200 years after people. In Idaho Falls, Idaho, a place famous to the LDS community, most brick structures in the historical downtown have collapsed. but the temple is still standing. but not for long. its design cannot take pressure, and just like an accordion, it collapses, from the top downward. But the gold inside, which was adorned well, will last for thousands of years.

In Salt Lake City, the temple is crumbling, as the reinforced concrete, and brickwork collapses and is covered by plants.

300 years after people. The temple finally collapses onto the surrounding area. Plant life soon covers the remains.
File:Temple collapse.png

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