Leshan buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha

The Leshan Giant Buddha is a 233 foot tall statue of Buddha in Sichuan, China and was carved out of a cliff about 2000 years ago. Construction started in 713 A.D. and finished in 803 A.D. The statue has lasted 2 millennia, but, without people, how long will this structure last?

1 day after people: Sichuan's power grid fails. The lights lightings the statue's head go out darkening the statue forever.

25 years after people: Even when humans were around, plants were climbing the statue, but now that humans are gone, plants are taking over the statue at an alarming rate.

100 years after people: In 2008, a massive earthquake hit Sichuan measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale. Now, a massive earthquake hits again bringing down the lights and small building at the base.

500 years after people: Small pieces and details have fallen off, but other than that, the statue is unchanged.

1000 years after people: 1000 years have its toll on the statue. Plants have completely covered the statue and the roots of made their way into the statue, cracking the rock. But, even with the cracks, the statue still survives.

2500 years after people: The statue has lasted for 2500 years. It has survived anything nature could throw at it... until now. An 8.5 earthquake hits Sichuan. Finally, the cracks become too much to bear and the earthquake breaks off the head and lands in its lap smashing on impact.

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