the Lexington Financial center is the Largest building in Lexington kentucky with a height of 410 with 30 floors it opened in 1987 but how long can it last in Kentucky

1 day after people the lights go out in kentucky and the big blue buildings lights go off turning into a black tower at night

100 years after people all the windows have blown out and the sign at the top of it collapses into the green place of what was once the roads

250 years after people the Lexington Financial Center still stands high above the garden of green but its ot the Financial center that is on the verge of collapse its the Kincaid tower nest to it its top collapses then the rest causing the Lexington Financial Centers side to be damaged but unlike most iconic towers it still stands

300 years after people the Lexington Financial center is on the verge of collapse its become unstable due to kentucky storms rust and the damaged side due to the collapse of the Kincaid tower now the floors collapse and the Lexington Financial center collapses.

Kentucky now looks like the forest it once was when it was founded and established in 1792

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