1 Day After People: On the Southern side of New Delhi, India, all is silent inside the largest religious structure on the Indian peninsula. Outside the unique structure, flowers bloom, fountains spray, but the near hundred thousand souls that once gathered here to pray and view the stunning architecture have vanished.

Completed in 1986, the Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India, was the center of the Baha'i faith in the South Asian realm, and the largest of eight mega-temples dedicated to the faith scattered around the world on six continents.

Inspired by the lotus flower, the construction of the building reaches 40 meters into the sky at it's highest point, and consists of 27 individual petals that encase the mammoth structure. In the time of humans, tourism at one point reached a total of 70 million people, beating the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal in that year. Since then, the building has received numerous awards and achievements for its unique design and structure that consists of imported marble, and a garden that stretches for 26 acres into the surrounding area. But without maintenance, how long can this majestic temple last?

1 Month After People: Delhi is succumbing rather quickly to its jungles, and across the 64 acres of gardens in the Lotus Temple, the overgrowth of India's plant life is beginning to choke the once elegant and well maintained hedges and trees. Once endangered animals like the dhole and the red panda now roam the grounds, taking advantage of the birds and smaller mammals that nest in the grounds. But these animals are not alone in this jungle. Clouded leopards and Indian Rhino's also roam the wild, free from the human poachers that once threatened their existence. Inside the temple, birds and monkeys rest in the rafters, breaking the silence of the once sacred temple.

80 Years After People: The Lotus Temple in New Delhi is now on it's last legs. The ingenious design in the structure that allowed its unique shape places large amounts of stress on the petals of the flower shaped dome. A small tremor rocks the facility, and the center petals fold in, falling into the center of the temple. Now without support, the second tier of petals fold in on one another, and the arches that formed the nine doors to the build itself topple over like dominoes. The Lotus Temple, has died.

10,000 Years After People: After 10,000 years in the Indian Jungle, the remnants of the temples basement remain buried like a time capsule, preserving the Baha'i faith beneath the humid and damp forest above in a Life After People.

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