Louisiana is a placeat the gulf of mexico it is a state in the USA and was the victim of Hurricane katrina in 2005 along with Missisipi Alabama and half of texas but for how long can it last

1 day after people the power in all of louisiana go out

1 year in the aqarium all of the animals and sea animals die out

20 years after people the state is beginning to flood

150 years after people the new orleans Levees break due to a dangerous animal thats the Beaver family

300 years after people the largest building known as One Shell Square collapses after a hurricane brings it down into the flooding ocean

1,000 years after people the building are long gone but Mardi gra Beads remain for the future

10,000,000 years after people the Flooded state of louisiana are gone but the fossils of human bones are a quarter of a mile underground while some become Oil themselves

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