The MGM Grand is a casino located in Las Vegas. It is one of the most famous casinos in Vegas and America. It boasts 19 restaurants, 5 outdoor swimming pools, numerous shops and night clubs and has waterfalls which cover 380,000 sq ft of space. The MGM Grand is famous for having the MGM lion which sits in the middle of the waterfalls. This casino may have been a gambler's paradise but how long it last in a life after people?

1 day after people: At the MGM Grand the waterfalls still run, the slot machine still flashes and the swimming pools still sparkle. But unlike most of America Las Vegas is still a light. Why? Because the Hoover Dam operates automaticly even when people are not there. So for now the MGM grand still shines bright.

1 week after people: Inside the casino lies the lion exhibit, but the lions inside are getting hungry and thirsty. But without people to feed them they soon turn to cannibalism and die. At the restaurants the food is rotting and animals are attracted to the MGM.

1 month after people: The MGM Grand is still alight, But now there's a problem at the Hoover Dam, small little creatures are blocking the entry to where the water drives the turbines. Now one huge blackout engulfs Las Vegas the MGM Grand blacks out forever.

1 year after people: Standing wear the waterfalls once was, the MGM Lion still sits proud in what was once Las Vegas. Made of bronze it could last for 1000s of years.

10 years after people: A huge sandstorm hits Vegas. Sand blasts the hotel destroying the glass and the luxurious apartments are devastated. The building itself suffers minor damage.

50 years after people: The casinos inside are destroyed while the outside pools have dried up. But the letters that are bolted to the main building are coming loose. Now the first M shears off and smashes into the crumbling street below. The other letters soon follow.

100 years after people: The sign which greeted visitors to the MGM Grand has stood for a century. But a century of sand and rainstorms have corroded the supports of the sign. Now a huge rainstorm hits Las Vegas and one of signs legs fails and the sign falls into the growing desert that is now Las Vegas.

200 years after people: The main building of the MGM has stood for to two centuries. But now the corroding steel has weakened from sand, wind and rain. Now one of the floors fail and it starts a huge pancake collaspe of the building but luckily the MGM lion still stands

1000 years after people: Las Vegas is no more than a desert. But buried underneath the desert is the MGM lion, but even though it is now in pieces it is protected from the desert environment.

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