The MGM Grand Detroit is a casino located in Detroit. It opened in October 2007 and contains over 100,000 sq ft of gaming space. It also contains a luxury hotel which opened at the same time as the casino. But how long can the MGM Grand Detroit last in a life after people?

1 day after people: As power plants fail across the world the MGM Detroit joins the rest of Detroit in complete darkness.

1 week after people: At the restaurants the food is rotting while animals are attracted to the casino.

10 years after people: The harsh Detroit climate has put strain on the buildings glass. Now a storm hits Detroit and glass smashes everywhere damaging the hotel rooms and the casino. The building itself suffers minor damage

50 years after people: The casinos inside are destroyed while the hotel rooms are long gone. But the letters that are bolted to the main building are coming loose. Now the first M shears off and smashes into the crumbling street below. The other letters soon follow.

100 years after people: In Detroit, The MGM Grand casino still stands but a century of cold, wintery weather in Detroit has corroded the steel. Finally one of the floors fails and the building starts a huge pancake collaspe and destroys anything in it's path.

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