Manchester, England, is the seventh largest city in the United Kingdom with a population of about 500,000 people. it is home to some of the country's most famous landmarks, such as Manchester Town Hall and Old Trafford Stadium. The city has been there for over a thousand years, but will it last in a life after people?

2 days after people: The power fails in Manchester, plunging the city into an eternal darkness.

1 year after people: The River Irwell is starting the flood the city. Basements of buildings near the river slowly fill with water. The pitch of Old Trafford and City of Manchester Stadium are starting to become overgrown.

10 years after people: The River Irwell has inundated the city further. Windows are starting to break throughout Manchester. The famous glass blade atop the Beetham Tower begins to weaken.

25 years after people: Stonework and Manchester Town Hall begins to fall off. Rowhouse begin to collapse. Buildings in downtown are weakening. The glass blade of the Beetham Tower falls off.

50 years after people: The first buildings along the River Irwell begin to collapse. The Civil Jusice Court falls into the river. The Trinity River Bridge collapses.

75 years after people: The Beetham Tower is on the verge of collapse. Finally, a gust of wind pushes the building to the breaking point and it keels over and crashes into the ground.

125 years after people: Manchester Town Hall's Clock tower Finally falls over, destroying the building in the process.

150 years after people: The Midland Hotel succumbs to the rivers and collapses.

200 years after people: Old Trafford, home of Manchester United, collapses into the river.

250 years after people: City of Manchester Stadium finally falls.

1000 years after people: Almost nothing is left of Manchester. Manchester is now a marsh.

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