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Mansudae Apartments

Mansudae Apartments is an apartment area in Pyongyang, North Korea. The apartments of Mansudae were built in 100 days, commemorate 100th birthday of former North Korean leader Kim Il Sung, who was dead in 1994. It is the biggist residental area in the city. Now, people in North Korea are gone, how long can they last?

1 Day After People: The power fails quickly in Pyongyang, all of the apartments blacks out at one time.

20 Years After People: The apartments are still recognizable, but plants start growing in the buildings.

60 Years After People: All of the windows are gone in the buildings. Now, some lower buildings begin to collapse, but higher buildings are still standing.

85 Years After People: The rest of the apartments collapse, only two tallest buildings still stand.

100 Years After People: The two tallest buildings collapse, and the city is nearly unrecognizable. 

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