Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is a luxury casino hotel in Singapore. The hotel includes an ice ramp, museum, theatres, gourmet resturants, a skywalk and the world largest atrium casino. The main building is three towers, holding up a skywalk, known as The Sky Park, containing a swimming pool. But for how long will the largest atrium casino in the world keep its title?

200 Years after People: Corrosion from the sea has attacked the towers that support the Sky Park. At the middle tower, corrosion has taken its toll on the floors. One floor collapses down on the floor below, and a cascading effect brings down the whole tower. As the support from the center tower is gone, the skywalk becomes too heavy for the remaining towers, and litteraly crushes the two other towers under it's weight. Finally, the sky park hits the ground and is gone.

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