Mesa Verde National park is a National park and world Heritage Site located in Montezuma County in Colorado it protects some of the best preserved Ancestral Puebloan archeological sites in the United States but can it Protect the Mesa Verde in a life after people

1 day after people: Humans no longer walk around the sight of the Mesa Verde however its possible that a life without people could actually preserve the ancient structures built 100s of years ago

50 years after people: The Mesa Verde is hit by a storm some of the buildings soften and collapse however the rain does not attack the buildings at the back thanks to the Mountain on top of them. It's possible that the Mesa Verde's other structures could last forever but are they lucky enough to survive

10,000 years after people: Despite the other structures at the Mesa Verde the other structures survive because of the Mountain covering it it even surpasses the Hoover dam and the Thinker. The Mesa Verde will survive with the Washington Monument and the Jubilee Church

a Ancient structures built by the Pueblo's survives

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