What will happen after people disappear in Middle East ? This page is about the landmarks in Middle East.

Time Period Predictions
1 day

The power in Middle East cuts off . Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, and many other countries in Middle East are empty.

1 week Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem still stands, will the Dome be there forever? This is still a problem.
1 month

In Yemen, an ancient city called Shiban still stands in the desert, the buildings in this city were buit in a traditional way, the bricks were made of dry mud, will this help buildings stands forever? Let's see.

1 year Flood attack some big cities in Middle East.
7 years  A five earthquakes hit Riyadh , some windows of the tallest hotel on earth  -- Mecca Royal Clock Tower Hotel breaks.
10 years Mirror tower in Beirut collapses , also damaged some buildings nearby.
25 years

Ardar HQ in Abu Dhabi can't bear the hot and dry air , the  steel for main support breaks down, so

the main struucture collapses.

It's not complete yet

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