The Millau Viaduct is the world's longest and highest cable stayed bridge. It is over 8000 feet in length and stands at 1125 feet high. It is one of the most famous landmarks in France, but how long will it last without people?

1 day after people: The Millau Viaduct is silent. The thousands of cars that passed over the bridge will never run again. The bridge sits quietly.

1 year after people: The Tarn River, which the bridge crosses, is filling up. The town of Millau is flooded and the support towers are now in the water.

25 years after people: Plants are now climbing the towers and are growing on the bridge deck. The cables are also starting to rust, which could lead to problems later.

100 years after people: The cables are being stressed to the point of failure. Finally, the cables snap. One by one, each cable breaks allowing the deck to plummet 900 feet to the valley floor.

200 years after people: The towers have been sitting in the river's water for 200 years. The flowing water has eroded the towers down to the steel inside. As the water flows, the steel rusts, causing it to expand. The towers finally become too weak and fall into the Tarn River below.

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