Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas is a 41,000 seat baseball stadium just outside of downtown. The stadium is the new home to the Houston Astros, the famed baseball team. The stadium is barely 12 years old, but will it last in a life without people?

2 days after people: The power shuts down in Houston and the stadium goes dark.

1 year after people: Humidity in Houston was always a nuisance, and now, it is causing plants to grow at an exceptional rate. The massive glass panels are protecting the field and seats, at least for now

10 years after people: The first windows are starting to break. The entrance is allowing animals inside which then make it on to the field.

25 years after people: Houston has been hit by its fair share of hurricanes, and another one is moving in. The hurricane smashes through downtown. The glass panels protecting the field break, letting rain pour in, and causing rust and corrosion to take hold.

50 years after people: The scoreboard is weakening. 25 years of ware and tear have done in the massive screen. One of the bolts holding on the scoreboard breaks, causing it to drop, tearing it off the wall, crashing into the seats below.

125 years after people: The roof is crumbling. It has been 100 years since the hurricane slammed into Houston and rust is tearing the stadium apart. Suddenly, a truss supporting the roof breaks, starting a chain reaction that causes the roof to fall and smash the stadium beneath it.

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