The 1972 Olympic Games played in Munich, Germany at the Olympiastadion. It has a grass field and was finished in May 1972. The stadium was built to last, but now, without people, how long will it last?

2 days after people: The power dies in Munich. The stadium goes dark.

5 years after people: The field is now filled with weeds and plants and the seats are now covered with vines.

10 years after people: In the time of people, the light towers were designed to lean at about 15 degrees. Now, the towers are beginning to lean farther than they should.

20 years after people: The towers are in trouble. Cables holding up the towers have snapped and now they're on their own. Finally, they succumb to rust and fall into the seats below.

75 years after people: The acrylic roof is holding up well, but, some of the panels have fallen and broken.

125 years after people: Cables holding up the roof have snapped. Sections of the roof have started to sag.

140 years after people: The stadium is in dire straights. The main support arch running through the front of the roof is weakening. Suddenly the arch breaks at the anchors. The roof drops causing it the break in the middle and collapse.

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