The Museum of Science and Industry is a science museum in Chicago. It features many exhibits, such as a German U-Boat, a train, a replica coal mine,a Foucalt pendulum, and several other artifacts and interactive exhibits.How will the loss of humans experiment with the museum?

5 years after people: Chicago's flooding washes of some ground, causing water to drip into the U-505 exhibit. The museum suffers no damage.

20 years after people: A storm knocks down trees, causing a domino effect that leads to the roof caving in. The water that comes in sweeps away the futuristic inventions. U-505 floods to, returning the submarine to water. Nothing is harmed that much.

30 years after people: Another large flood compromises the exhibits. Water enters the stairwells, and the flood spreads. U-505 floods again, and the Foucalt pendulum, with all its rust, falls. The hatchery chicks' descendants, now trapped with only the moss and grass to feed them, die off. The planes fall,and the exhibits are in the wrong places.

50 years after people:The damaged roofs fall,and only the central roofs survive(such as the domes). After years of erosion and rusting, the display around U-505 collapses.

55 years after people: The flood causes the central roofs to fall, and the museum is gone.

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