I made a time capsule for me to open in 2022. How long will it last without people to open it?

1 year after people: It's location in my living room keeps it safe at the moment. Its contents include a comic book, a baseball card and a bag of pokemon stuff (broken Pokemon Saphirre cartridge, plastic venusaur and pokeball)

8 years, 8 months and 4 days after people: Opening date. It remains under the collapsed 2nd floor. The comic book and baseball card have rotted away.

100 years after people: The faded text "The Time Capsule For opening on 2/5/2022" is now almost gone. It's desk collapsed years ago.

500 years after people: The time capsule is now buried. The pokemon plastic bag and its plastic contents might last long enough to find their way to the ocean.

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