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The National Gallery of Art is a non-profit art museum in Washington DC. It has two buildings, the classic west and modern east.How long will it display without humans?

10 years after people: Several windows that coat a lot of space on the East Building and the dome and lower floor of the West Building are gone. The east building is worst affected, with its mainly glass roof. Several paintings and sculptures are damaged.The Sculpture Garden is mildly damaged.

30 years after people: After a huge storm, most sculptures in the garden are blown away, as is any remaining glass. A few cracks emerge in the west building's dome, some from glass shards from the dome's top.

50 years after people: One of the east building's rust-covered steel curtains collapses under the weight of stalactites from concrete.The roof then falls off, destroying several art pieces.The roof collapse cause a chain reaction, and almost all the building is gone.The west building sustains minor damage.

70 years after people: Through the tunnel and windows in the basement, the foundation of the west building contains a lot of water. Cracks cause the floor to float. The dome has begun to cave in, and a large piece sends a huge crack through the floor. The floor is pushed to the side, causing the columns to collapse. The ensuing chain reaction moves the wall, and all that is left is the basement.

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