In Washington,D.C.,the National Museum of American History,or the NMAH,stands empty.Among it's collection are the original Star Spangled Banner and Archie Bunkers,chair.The museum is part of the Smithsonian Institution,one of the most famous museums in America and one of the largest.Now,how long can the museum last?

100 years after people:Any glass in the museum has shattered.The Star Spangled Banner has been ripped to shreds,and Archie Bunker's chair has fallen apart.A Southern Railways locomotive called the John Bull on display is rusting.It will eventually collapse.The USS Philadelphia,made mostly of wood,has rotted through.The Clara Barton Red Cross ambulance is almost gone.

150 years after people:The roof of the museum collapses,destroying the exhibits.The John Bull train punches through the floor,destroying anything in it's path.The porticos collapse.The walls crumble.And the whole museum collapses.

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