Navy Pier (Chicago)

1 Day after people: Navy pier still overlooks the peaceful Lake Michigan. In the time of human this peir had much history. From the 1901 World fair when they installed the first Ferris wheel, to the Wedding hall that overlooks the lake. Now, without humans to enjoy it, how long will it last?

2 Days after people: Navy peir goes Dark when the Chicagos power grid fails. The Ferris wheel will Never see another guest, Shakesperes Theater will Never play another show, and the river boats are chains to the peir. Forever.

1 Month after people: The funnel cakes and elephant ears have been eaten away by cockroaches and seagulls, the outdoor furniture is now at the bottom of the lake, and the flags are now in tatters.

5 years after people: The river boats are going down. The rope has outlasted years, but not the boats. The big ships sink down. In the process, ripping pieces off and damaging the pier. While the speed boats are slowly being eaten away by barnacles, which are being eaten by cod, who are being eaten by sea lampray. And they to die below the cold water of Lake Michigan.

20 Years after people: The wooden pier is slowly rotting away. The small amusment park is starting to rust, the glass at the Wedding Hall and the Shakeshpere theater has been blown out, the end of the dock is is drenched in water and is rotting away. It finally collapses into the lake.

50 Years after people: The wooden pier is on its last legs, a small breeze finally does the wood in; but the Concrete section is still there.

150 Years after people: Shakespheres Theater is dying, and a strong wind pushes it into the lake. Meanwhile the Ferris Wheel snaps off its frame and rolls through the pier destroying everything, pushing the ruins into the lake

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