The New York-New York Hotel and Casino,or the New York Hotel,is a hotel in Las Vegas.It has replicas of many structures.The lake represents New York Harbor,with a half sized Statue of Liberty.If I could,I would add replicas of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Roosevelt Island Tramway.They would match the size of the replica of the Statue of Liberty.There are also some replicas of skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.There is also a replica of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial and Grand Central Terminal.Also a replica of the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Main Immigration Building on Ellis Island.Can a city be destroyed by the same thing twice?

150 years after people.The Statue of Liberty soon collapses onto the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial.The Chrysler Building is destroyed when the Empire State Building collapses onto it,destroying the replica of the New York skyline.The Whitney Museum of American Art and the Main Immigration Building are destroyed in the process.Soon the entire structure is nothing but rubble.

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