The New York International Finance Center is a fantasy skyscraper that was to be built on the site of the World Trade Center. If it was built, it would be 3248 feet tall and have 200 floors. It would have a hole in the top floors and toward the bottom, there are models of famous New York landmarks, like the World Trade Center and Empire State Building. The building would be very impressing, but would it last in a life after people.

2 days after people: The power goes out in New York. The tower goes dark forever.

1 month after people: The tower is doing surprisingly well. Only a few windows have broken and just a small amount of grasses are growing.

5 years after people: Sea levels are rising. As the waters of the Atlantic Ocean infiltrate Lower Manhattan, the lower floors of the building are filling up. The sign on the outside has lost a few letters, but is otherwise doing fine.

20 years after people: The model of the World Trade Center is weakening due to water damage. Finally, high winds blow the towers down.

100 years after people: The building is falling apart. Salt water from the ocean has corroded the columns under the building. Suddenly, the building crumbles, breaks in the middle and collapses.

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