1 day after people: In New York City,the Nintendo World Store go's dark.The Wiis, Wiius and 3Ds stop working.The games quietly wait for a person to buy them,which will never happen.and the tvs which are used for playing Mario,Splatoon and Super Smash bros are now off and not working

1 year after people: The glass begins to crack.Some pieces break and shatter.

10 years after people: The glass corner collapses. And TV's and 3DS's and glass is cracked. Inside, the papers and the are starting to decay. Vines and smaller plants are growing on the floor and walls.the photos on the walls of Nintendo games and the case are now starting to lose there colour

100 years after people: 100 years with out people have done in the store.and the picks on the walls are now and the cases photos are no more,The broken windows have let in dirt and seeds, which have done some damage, but, they have also let in water. The water has leaked through the floor, rusting the supports. Finally, one of the beams break, causing the floor the collapse, which then brings down the walls and along with game cases and the consoles

100,000 years after people, The site of the Nintendo World Store is now a dense forest, but buried under the trees and dirt, are the cases and games and the game consoles inside. The discs are still recognizable, and they will most likely be there for millions of years to come.

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