Old City Hall is 347 feet high and is more than 100 years old. It is made mostly of sandstone and was used by the Court of Justice. Now that people are gone, what is the fate of this great building?

1 day after people: Toronto goes dark. Old City Hall is plunged into darkness and the famous clock stops forever.

9 months after people: The plants around the outside of the building are starting to take over the area. Rain and snow melt begin eroding the structure very slowly.

10 years after people: Windows have been blown out letting seeds and animals inside. Now, the seeds have grown and there are now plants growing inside the building.

25 years after people: The plants have now started to crack the fine stone work on the outside. Damage from wind and rain have allowed water to get inside the building, leading to rotting wood in the roof.

75 years after people: The roof has been damaged by water and snow for 50 years. Finally, parts of the roof start to fall in, leading to the collapse of the whole roof.

150 years after people: The clock tower is in big trouble. Built of sandstone, water will erode it very quickly. The tower has turned back to sand and mud and finally falls on the rest of the building.

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