Old Trafford is a stadium located in Manchester, England. It is home to Manchester United FC which is one of the biggest clubs in the world. It is the biggest club stadium in England. But if people disappered how long can the Theatre of Dreams last for? But will it also outlast its rival stadium, the City of Manchester Stadium home of fierce rivals Man City?

1 day after people: As power plants fail across the world, Old Trafford joins Manchester in darkness.

1 year after people: The pitch as started to overgrow as seeds germinate and grow into small bushs and eventually trees.

10 years after people: The netting which is attached to the post fails, while the seats are being covered by the overgrown pitch.

50 years after people: Outside the stadium lies the Sir Alex Ferguson statue but can it outlast the stadium?. Back in the stadium the letters on the stand of the same name finally fall as the stadium supporting beams corrode.

200 years after people: It has been two centuries since the last ball was kicked at Old Trafford. But the supporting beams holding the roof finally fail causing a domino effect as the roof collaspes on to the seats and as result it brings down the whole stadium. The Theatre of Dreams is no more. At the Fergie staue the base finally fails but the statue survires.

250 years after people: The City of Manchester Stadium collaspes but Man Utd lose the fierce rivalry.

1000 years after people: Outside where Old Trafford once stood remains the Sir Alex Ferguson statue which is covered beneath grass and mud. But being presevered it could last thousands of years.

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