The Olympic Stadium is located in Stratford, London. It was the centrepiece for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games which were held in London. Construction started in 2008 and finished in 2011. It has a capacity of 80,000 making it the third largest stadium in England. But how long can the centrepiece of the Olymipcs last for?

1 day after people: The lights which are attached above the stadium go out as London's power grid fails.

1 year after people: The grass pitch inside the stadium has began to overgrown as seeds germainte from birds and grow into bushs and long grasses.

5 years after people: The overgrown pitch, is now starting to climb the seats.

20 years after people: Outside of the stadium two river channels run parrael to the stadium. But now a major rainstorm hits London and the stadium is flooded causing damage to the pilling whih hold up the stadium.

25 years after people: The light bulbs which lightened the stadium went out long ago but the harsh London weather has finally smashed the bulbs and they reign down onto the degrading track below.

50 years after people: One of the light holders finally falls as one of its supporting beams fail.

100 years after people: Flooding from the channels has consistantely flooded the pillings and plants have now climbed all over the roof bringing down a section of the roof destroying some of the seats.

200 years after people: Regular flooding from the channels has weakened the pillings which hold up the stadium. After another flooding, the pillings fail and the pride of the 2012 London Olympics and Paralymipcs collaspes in a twisted pile of plastic, metal and concrete

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