The One and Two Dubai Central Interstate Center Towers are fantasy twin buildings located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The towers have a similar design to the original Twin Towers. If they were built they would be the tallest twin buildings in Dubai. But how long can these towers last without people?

1 Day after People: The One and Two Dubai Central Interstate Center Towers go dark as the Dubai power grid fails.

6 Months after People: A storm hits Dubai but the Towers are not damaged. Though the lower floors are flooded.

10 Years after People: The Number One Tower has a spire which is over 200 metres tall. Four steel cables support the huge spire atop of the building. Could this led to the buildings' downfall?

60 Years after People: Some of the glass begins to fall out of the buildings framework, allowing birds to take homes in the huge buildings.

75 Years after People: The spire atop the Number One Tower is putting too much strain on the roof. Finally the cables snap and the spire starts a huge pancake collapse of the building. Debris engulfs the whole city and the Lighthouse Tower collapses. The roof of the Number Two Tower has deteriorated so much that it too starts a pancake collapse of the building. The Dubai Tower, the Dubai Al Alam, the Cathedral of Dubai and the Burj Pentominium soon follow leaving very few buildings still standing in Dubai.

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