One Azerbaijan Centraltower Interstate Center and Two Azerbaijan Centraltower Interstate Center are fantasy buildings in Baku, Azerbaijan. The shape of the twin building looks like World Trade Center twin towers. One Azerbaijan Centraltower Interstate Center is 1171.6 m tall, and it has 250 floors. If it was built, it would be the tallest building in Azerbaijan, along with the Azerbaijan Tower. Now, how long can it last?

1 Day after People: Lights fail in Baku, but it takes minutes to black out the huge twin towers.

15 Years after People: Plants are growing in the lower floors of the buildings.

50 Years after People: Los Angeles City Hall collapses. But the huge twin towers still stand.

65 Years after People: The World's Largest Dinosaur collapses. The huge twin towers are the only buildings in Baku.

75 Years after People: The twin towers are the only things standing in Baku. But the sea level is already rising. Sea water has damaged the foundation of the buildings. Soon, One Azerbaijan Centraltower Interstate Center collapses, and destroys Two Azerbaijan Centraltower Interstate Center.

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