One Times Square is one of the many famous buildings in Times Square. It stands 395 feet tall and was stripped down to its steel frame in 1967. The building seems to be very strong, but will it survive in a life after people

1 day after people: The power goes out in New York, plunging Times Square into darkness. The famous signs on the tower go black.

1 year after people: The subway station below the building is flooding. With the power out, the pumps are no longer working, allowing the station to fill up.

10 years after people: Signs of corrosion and rust are forming on the surface of the steel tower. The world famous Times Square Ball is showing the first signs of decay.

20 years after people: A massive thunderstorm is rolling in. When the storm reaches Times Square, the wind blows out windows of nearby buildings. The billboards on the tower loosen up, but are still attached to the tower.

50 years after people: The Times Square Ball is in trouble. High winds have buffeted the ball for years, and now, the pole the ball travels down is falling off. One of bolts holding the pole on the tower breaks, allowing the pole to lean and snap off the tower plummeting down to the street below.

150 years after people: The steel tower is weakening. The flooded subway station has caused the ground under the tower to become soft and weak. The weigt of the tower above is too much for the ground below and the tower tips over and collapses into the subway tunnels.

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