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Paris Las Vegas is a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The hotel is named after the capital of France, hence its name. It has replicas of the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triumph, Montgolfier Balloon, La Fontaine des Mers, Paris Opera House, and The Louvre Museum. It also has a 1,200 seat theatre called Le Theatre des Arts. Will nature destroy the hotel?
695px-The hotel Paris Las Vegas as seen from the hotel The Bellagio

The Paris Las Vegas

1 week after people: The power goes out, leaving Las Vegas dark. The signs on the Montgolfier Balloon and the lights on everything else go black.

100 years after people: The Eiffel Tower of Paris Las Vegas falls when one of its legs fails. A few thousand miles away, the real Eiffel Tower lives on.

250 years after people: La Fontaine des Mers falls. The Arc De Triumph falls when one of the legs collapses.The Paris Opera House falls onto the Louvre Museum. The sign in the shape of the Montgolfier Balloon collapses when the bottom cannot hold the top up and finally gives up holding it up. Le Theatre des Arts collapses when the roof caves in, bringing the walls inside with it. The Paris Las Vegas Hotel is nothing but rubble.

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