The Pavillon du Futuroscope is an attraction at the Futuroscope Park, in Poitiers. It was the first building to be built in the Park and it symbolises the sunset on a hill. The sun is represented by a 17-meter wide white sphere, but now, how long will it last?

25 Years After People: The Pavillon du Futuroscope is still standing on a hill. But now, the trusses are rusting as it causes the windows the break and fall in the atrium.

The Pavillon du Futuroscope

150 Years After People: The Pavillon du Futuroscope is now stand over a swamp which was once the Futuroscope. But the shere's in trouble. In fact, the rusted sphere is more and more heavy. Until finally, the supports fail, and the sphere falls in the atrium, as it crashes, the building colapses. The first building in the Futuroscope to be built is now destroyed.

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