Penistone is a city in England that gets constantly teased about the first 5 letters of its name. How long before nature destroys this unusually named city?

1 day after people: The Royd Moor Wind Farm saves the city's power, so movies continue to play at Penistone Paramount.

1 year after people: Food, mainly at Penistone Paramount, is rotting. The mainly wood buildings also rot. Memorial Ground, home to Penistone Church FC, is now a garden like field. The former signs are now rusty.

10 years after people: A windstorm comes, and destroys the Royd Moor Wind Farm. Penistone Paramount blacks out, and Penistone FM stops signaling. Penistone Paramount's great collapse is just around the corner.

15 years after people: Penistone Paramount's sign falls downwards, and pieces smash into the front sector, toppling a wall over. Soon, the whole theater collapses. Memorial Ground is now a forest. Penistone Church, oldest building in town, also collapses.

100 years after people: Penistone signs rise out of the forest that used to be Penistone. They rust and collapse.

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