Peregrine falcons are falcons that are well known for nesting on buildings in cities. Because they can live on cliffs too, and they are adaptablem, they Might be a sucsessful creature in a life after people.

30 years after people

Buildings are 30 more years away from colloapsing, but for now, the buildings are a haven for urban birds of prey like the peregrine falcons. The abundace of vermen have meant falcon families have been sucessful, they are becoming urban super predators.

60 years after people Buildings around the world are colapsing. many falcon chicks will die in these collapseses, devastating falcon families. some will fly off into the country, although its already began expanding into the city....

1000 years after people All peregrine falcons live in the country. They now live on cliffs as their human era ancestors once did.

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