Petra is an ancient city carved out of a stone wall in Jordan. The city served as the capital of the Nabataeans and is nearly 1400 years old. It also sported a water system, making it an artifictial oase in the desert. Before mankind dissappeared, tourists were posing an evergrowing threat to the ancient city. Now without it's main enemy, how long will the structure endure?

3000 Years after People: Altough tourist no longer posed a threat to it, Petra had many other foes to fight. Ancient structures collapses within the walls, salt attackes the stone, and rainwater floods erodes the structure. Unlike the Pyramids of Giza and Timbuktu in the Sahara desert, the desert around Petra has few sand dunes, making it hard to bury it, witch saves the Pyramids. With sections of it collapsing over 3000 years, little trace remains of Petra. The famous gate, weakened by salt, has mostly been blown away by the wind.

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